In 2016, the Bulletin of the History of Medicine inaugurates a three-part focus on pedagogy. First, the spring issue will introduce a new journal section covering topics related to teaching in the history of medicine today. Second, the Bulletin will maintain a syllabus archive, similar to the one previously hosted by the National Library of Medicine. And third, along with the new print section, the journal will has created a pedagogy blog, a more immediate and informal place for the history of medicine teaching community to share what has worked in our diverse classrooms. We envision this blog as a site where historians of medicine can share specific assignments and strategies that have worked for them in the classroom. We welcome contributions from educators teaching the history of medicine in a range of classroom settings, from seminars to large lectures, in face-to-face, hybrid and on-line courses, to undergraduates, as well as to graduate and medical students. This blog will be a place for short, highly focused essays – small “doses” – with concrete recommendations on pedagogical practices.


The header image is from the Wellcome Library, London.  Wellcome MS 990, Arzneibuch (a compendium of popular medicine and surgery, receipts, etc., in German, compiled for the use of a House of the Franciscan Order, probably in Austria, or South Germany, ca. 1675).  Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0

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